The subtitle of VARKKI’s collection “13” is “Keep It On…”.

A collection of peace and quiet, passion and turmoil. Exactly as the “interim”* inspired. We need to learn how to live in the moment, act, gain strength and energy, and “Keep It On”.

The accent color is the sunny yellow that gives you warmth and brings joy to the mind. The main colors are emerald green, beige and different shades of blue. For a healthy harmony, black and white are included.

The patterns of Collection “13” are slightly inspired by the 70s – the flower ornaments and flowy waves. Varkkishly, the cuts are minimalistic with unique recognizable details.

Clothes that are comfortable, yet bring out the best body features of the wearer.

The dresses and skirts are mostly midi and maxi. The blouses, T-shirts and pullovers are a parade of hits through times. Yes, that’s right.

Completely new is the eye-catching two-piece jumpsuit.

Minimalism, individuality and balance.

Be fashionable in your own fashion!

Jewelry: Krista Lehari

Accessories: Ekanayaki & Stella Soomlais

Photos: Laura Nestor

Hair and makeup: Raily Rajaväli

Model: Mete